July – August Empties AND A Much Needed Update!


Here we go again! Hello strangers! I never intended to be gone for as long as I have been, and I have to say I’m really sorry because not only did I disappear out of nowhere, but I haven’t logged into reply to comments or catch up with everyone’s posts. Trust me I plan on rectifying that today in spades, so some of you will probably be getting a tonne of notifications courtesy of me! I do think a break from blogging was definitely necessary for me, but not because I’d run out of ideas or caught the dreaded bloggers block! I actually had an abundance of things I wanted to do with Puddles Of Ink, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it all and what was best. So I took the past couple of weeks to try out different things and think about what I wanted to do, and I finally think I’m on the right track!


  • After a lot of customising, modifying, free-trialling and deliberation……I’ve decided that this blog is going to stay exactly how It is in terms of the web address and general format. Anticlimactic, I know! I am, however, working on an official website for Puddles Of Ink where I’ll showcase my main pieces and sell my artwork. On that site will be an external link to this blog. I’ve done a lot of research and I think this is the best way to balance the two.
  • I will be adjusting the content of this blog a little bit – it’s been live since September 2014 so there’s a lot on here that needs revisiting! I have pieces I’d like to rework, other bits I want to delete and some things I need to reorganise, so that’s another thing I’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks.
  • Another thing I need to mention is that for the past couple of weeks I’ve been writing some content for the My Trending Stories website – if you follow my on Instagram you may have seen a few of my illustrations linked to posts I’ve written for them. If anyone remembers Puddles Of Avni, you’ll remember I used to do book reviews as well as beauty-related posts, and that’s what a lot of my articles there are about, as well as various other things. There are so many different topics on there with a fantastic community of bloggers writing some great content, so please check it out if you’re interested. I’ll always link to my posts on Instagram as they go up, and in every monthly favourites/empties post I’ll do a round-up of the articles I’ve written for them!

I’ll be uploading once or twice a week here until I get the website up and running, but you’ll find regular uploads on my Instagram, and I upload articles 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) on My Trending Stories.

14159734_1440310569318194_707245337_nI’m sorry they aren’t coloured this month, but the favourites definitely are!

  • Clean On Me Shower Gel, Soap & Glory: I adore Soap & Glory shower gels because they’re creamy, smell amazing and last for months. Clean On Me is one of my firm favourites, and I’ll definitely be repurchasing this at some point!
  • Garnier Micellar Water: What would an Empties post be without one of these? I’m using the green topped one at the moment, but I have to say I prefer the original.
  • The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Perfume: I got this in a gift set ages ago and I finally got to the bottom of it. I love this scent – it’s fresh, not too flowery and the bottle is gorgeous. But it doesn’t last on the skin for very long, and that’s why I stopped reaching for it as much as some of my other perfumes.
  • No 7 Blemish Defence Serum: I have to say this has been sat untouched in my collection for months because I just couldn’t be bothered to get rid of it. I’ve mentioned before that these kinds of products never work for me – I have an oily t-zone, but I find the best way for me to keep my skin clear is with a good face mask, scrub and face wash rather than serums and creams. This is a really thin liquid you apply to oilier areas, and I know a lot of people who swear by this, so if serums and spot treatments tend to work for you then definitely check this out. But it just wasn’t for me.
  •  Origins Super Spot Remover: This, again, is like the previous product. Most people adore it and swear by it, but this fell short for me. It’s not that it didn’t work, it’s more the fact that it didn’t work as quickly for me as it does for other people who see results after one night. For me, tea tree oil works straight away at killing bacteria, drying out the blemish and getting rid of it overall than this did. Again, if these kinds of products tend to work for you then you’ll probably have a much better experience with it than me, but I doubt I’d repurchase it again.
  • Boots Nail Polish Remover: Not the most exciting product, but definitely a necessity. I’m fickle with nail polish remover and tend to switch between what’s on offer, but I always have this in my collection as it’s a fail-safe and works on glitter polish too.
  • Smashbox 24 Photo Ready Eye Primer: I really like this eye primer, and I was sad when I got to the end of it because it’s one of those primers you subconsciously get used to. I would definitely get this again, but I do like to switch between my primers and at the moment I’m trying to get through my beloved Pixi Eye Bright primer before purchasing anything else.
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara: This was a really nice mascara that I didn’t think I’d like at all, but I found that the drier it got the easier I found it to apply. I found that I could make it look quite natural in the daytime, and build it up to look striking for the evening.

I hope this wasn’t too long to get through – thank you for making it to the end if you did! What have you guys been up to? What do you think of the website idea? What are your thoughts on the Empties this month?

The Bronze Tree Part 1


Fusing my obsession with art and make-up together is a habit I’ve had for many years, and I’m loving being able to explore new ways to incorporate the two together as often as I can. I’ve used old eye shadows in some of my pieces before, but I’ve never attempted anything a little more intricate as opposed to blocks of colour. I recently had a big cosmetic clear out (look out for the post next week), and I put this trio aside to experiment with. Looking at the finished product, I’m really pleased I gave it a go.


I used an old number 2 Crawford & Black brush, but any small, slightly tapered brush will do. Dipping it in some water I started with the darkest colour first. I hadn’t planned out what I was going to do; in hindsight I’d have started with the light gold and watered it down before covering the entire page in a pretty sheen. Anyway, I started in the corner and just doodled whatever felt right – exactly like with a pen.

Once I had a rough outline of where I was going, I began concentrating the colour in more direct places to build it up. As an eye shadow trio, the dark brown was the most pigmented out of the three shades, but in this context I had to use a lot of the product to get a dark enough outline.


I then used a mixture of the two lighter shades for the background, before using the darker colour again to pick out the grass outline. I found blending the shades together so easy, and they translated onto the page really well.


I had initially wanted to go back over some of the details with a dark brown ink, and I still don’t think I can count this as a complete piece until I do, but for now I think this is a good introduction to seeing how versatile art materials can be! Has this inspired you to use some of your old make-up more creatively? Would you like to see more things like this? Let me know!

The 30 Day Disney Drawing Challenge: Official Round-Up


Throughout June I decided to set myself the task of doing the 30 Day Disney Drawing Challenge, and posting one entry a day over on my Instagram. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that technical difficulties prevented me from making every single upload, but I managed to finish everything by the 1st of July, and up until just over the halfway mark everything was going very smoothly!

If I learned anything from it, it’s that my obsession with The Lion King is far more intense…and ridiculous than I thought – you’ll see what I mean! Also, some characters are a lot easier to draw than others – in general, most Disney characters have a generic kind of framework, but there are some – like Hercules – who break the mould and are a bit more difficult.

Instead of giving you 30 huge drawings to flick through, I’ve put them into mini montages. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I’ll answer them as best as I can. Thank you to everyone who followed, liked and commented – it was amazing to interact with you guys, and I’m so pleased that so many people enjoyed the challenge!

The Questions & My Answers:



Favourite Disney Movie – The Lion King: a complete no-brainer!

Favourite Disney Princess – Tiana: I’ve never been a massive ‘Disney Princess Lover’, but I always liked how modern and different Tiana was to the others.

Favourite Disney Prince – Aladdin: again, I’m not the biggest fan of Disney Princes at all, but when I was little I’m pretty sure I liked Aladdin best!

Favourite Disney Song – The Circle Of Life (The Lion King): another no brainer – I love the animation paired with the song; I think it’s so powerful.


Favourite Kiss – Hercules and Meg: ok this may seem random, but I think Hercules and Meg are so underrated, and their story just fits really well. This was not easy to draw though – I never draw people kissing so this was definitely a challenge, and the animation style in this movie is very different to other Disney offerings, so it was definitely a challenge.

Prettiest Disney Princess – Belle: I still think this is a bit of an unnecessary question, but I chose Belle because I think I always thought she was prettiest when I was younger.


Favourite Disney Castle – Cinderella: I know I’ve given it a 2-dimensional, slightly geometric twist here, but I always thought Cinderella’s castle was stunning.

Saddest Moment – Mufasa’s Death (The Lion King): makes me cry every single time.

Favourite Couple – Simba and Nala: For me, I think they’re the most realistic in that they were best friends first, and it naturally grew into something more.

Best Hair – Ariel: sea air = texture and volume🙂


Best Non-Animal Sidekick – Genie: another no-brainer!

Best Animal Sidekick – Archimedes: I adore Archimedes – I think he’s absolutely hilarious, and I feel like he gets forgotten a lot!

Best Outfit – Belle’s ball gown: I just picked this at random because I couldn’t decide, although now in hindsight I do actually think this is the best outfit overall – it’s pretty, suited her so well and has become so iconic.

Best Villain – Hades: I LOVE Hades! I know he’s a bit of a marmite villain, but I think he’s sinister, dark, hilarious and portrayed so well considering how much Disney twisted the entire story!

Most Romantic Moment – Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s Wedding: I don’t buy into romance all that often, but this wedding always makes me melt! Robin was not easy to draw at all, hence why he looks very flat!


Best Singing Voice – Genie: this was really difficult, and the more I thought about it the more conflicted I got. I decided to go with the character whose songs always make me sing, and that’s how I got to Genie🙂

Favourite Name – ‘Bagheera’: I love the way this sounds….and I have no real idea why!

Favourite Soundtrack – The Lion King: I listen to this way too often for it to be healthy!

Best Eyes – Jasmine: I know I haven’t drawn them all that well here, but I do think she has nice eyes. She’s actually one of my least favourite princesses though!

Funniest Moment – Timon ‘Tastes like chicken’: according to my father (and one or two home movies) I used to laugh relentlessly at his impression of Timon saying this, so I had to put it in!


Favourite Quote – ‘Remember who you are’, Rafiki: short and sweet, but oh so true!

Best Dance Scene – Balloo and Mowgli (The Bare Necessities): this is just such a happy song, and the dance animation that accompanies it is so bouncy and random! I shouldn’t have used a felt tip pen for the detail though, but I actually quite like how this turned out.

Bravest Princess – Mulan: a complete no brainer! After Tiana she’s likely to be my second favourite princess.

Favourite Parent – Mufasa: he’s wise, playful, insightful and the right kind of disciplinarian.

Best Lyrics – ‘He Lives in You’, The Lion King 2: They’re just so powerful!


Most Magical Wardrobe – The Fairy Godmother: ok, when I was little I really believed in the magic of this crazy lady! I bought into every swish of her magic wand, and I remember thinking the way she transformed the pumpkin into a coach was the most amazing thing ever!

Best Wardrobe – The talking one from Beauty and the Beast: does she have a name? Anyway, this wasn’t even something I had to think about – I’d love to have a wardrobe like this!


Favourite sequel, favourite overall moment and favourite happy ending – ?

And so we arrive at the final 3 days! I know it’s a cop-out, but I genuinely couldn’t decide on anything for these 3 questions. I don’t think any Disney animation sequel has been perfect – the Pixar ones tend to be a lot better. Trying to pick a favourite overall Disney moment is virtually impossible for me, and I don’t have a favourite happy ending because I don’t think any of them have a great ‘happy ending’!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this round-up post! If you have any other ideas of drawing challenges I could do over on Instagram let me know! Which one was your favourite, or least favourite?

Dreaming Up Castles


I used to draw castles like this all the time when I was little, and I wanted to recreate that two-dimensional, overly colourful, slightly magical style.


Colouring this in was so much fun, but my wrist was killing me afterwards! I noticed how when kids colour in they press really hard, and I was trying to do something similar.



June Favourites


The last week has been so incredibly busy, and I thought I was on top of everything but it turns out all of my uploads managed to suffer! I am sorry, but I have some really fun stuff lined up so I hope you’re ready for it! Anyway, as I mentioned in my Empties, June has been a very cosmetic-heavy month, and I actually can’t believe that all of my Favourites have ended up being make-up. Weirdly, this has never happened before, so I’m excited to talk to you about everything I’ve managed to draw out!


I’ve worn the Bourjois Air Mat Foundation (04 Beige) pretty much every single day this month. The weather in London has been pretty crappy, but it’s been humid more than anything else, and this foundation has an amazing staying power. It doesn’t look dry on my skin at all; it feels so light and silky, doesn’t cake or go patchy, and keeps shine at bay. We all know I adore Bourjois foundations, and this one is another clear winner, although I think it definitely works better for oilier skin types.

I’ve also been really loving two particular Real Techniques brushes for applying concealer, both from the Core Collection. The Flat Foundation Brush is really nice for under the eyes and around the nose, whereas the Contour Brush is great for all over the face. I’ve been using them for so long it’s not even something I think about anymore!


I finished my trusted Soap & Glory bronzer last month, and next up on my list of bronzers to try was the Collection Bronze Glow in Terracotta. I’d heard so much about this; I only ever use matte bronzers, and as long as they’re not insanely orange, I’m not massively fussy. This is a gorgeously smooth bronzer; it’s nicely pigmented and warms up the face just enough as long as you stop yourself from over-doing it.

I spent most of June rediscovering my love for the Nars ‘Indian Summer’ eye shadow duo, particularly the matte, slightly-darker-than-mustard shade on the right. It’s gorgeous for daytime wear all over the lid with a bit of mascara, and goes with so many different lip colours. I adore the shimmery slightly-more-beige-than-champagne shade too, but I prefer it for nights out because it can be easy to over-do.



On my fingers throughout June  I wore Rimmel’s Euphoria, which is like a metallic pale lilac infused with gold shimmer, and on my toes I’ve been loving anything and everything Fuschia – the Barry M offering is still my favourite.


And finally, on my lips (aside from lip balm) I’ve only been wearing the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipstick in ’05 Brun Boheme’. Its creamy and feels so moisturising on the lips. It’s a slightly more noticeable pinky nude, that goes with pretty much any look so it’s easy to just apply and go.

And when I wasn’t rediscovering my Nars duo, I was wearing the Bourjois Colourband Waterproof Eye Shadow/Liner stick in ’02 Brun Dadaiste’. These are amazing, but this particular colour has been the one I’ve been reaching for. These are creamy enough to apply really easily, but once they’ve set they literally don’t budge all day, making them perfect for hot, humid, rainy weather.


I just wanted to throw in how much I’ve loved doing the 30 Day Disney Drawing Challenge throughout June. I had a lot of technical issues, and like I said last week was just so busy I could barely keep track of everything, so it’s been a bit frustrating. But I finished it, and I really loved interacting with so many of you every day on my Instagram. Look out for a full round-up post this week!

What did you love using throughout June? And what are you most looking forward to in July?

June Empties

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the new and much improved format of my Illustrated  Products posts! I ditched the handwritten descriptions because, honestly, they were taking up too much time and restricting the way I drew the products. I have so much fun copying out the way beauty products look, and I want to be able to do each one justice, so I decided to change things up a little. Also, who wants to squint to read a review of every product anyway? Heehee! All of your amazing feedback has inspired me to make these the best they can be, so I really  hope you like it – let me know what you think!

Also, for this month I’m keeping the Empties and Favourites separate, just because I have quite a few of each and didn’t want to force you to sit through an extremely long post!

If you followed Puddles Of Avni last year, you’ll remember me raving about the Vitamin E Leave-In Moisture Mask from Superdrug. It’s this pink substance that’s slightly runnier than a lotion, and the idea is that you apply it after you’ve cleansed, but before your moisturiser. They recommend using it at night, but I loved using it during the day too, particularly when my skin was desperately in need of extra hydration. It absorbs quickly, smells amazing, and a little really does go a long way so it will last for months. My issue is the packaging – unscrewing the lid is a bit of a faf and gets annoyingly messy more often than not. Given how light the texture is I feel like it could easily be in a squeezy tube, and it would be something I’d reach for more as a result.

I mentioned the Boots Simply Sensitive Deep Cleansing Mask in my last Disappointing Products post so I won’t say much about it here, but in short I just think this is a very meh (for lack of a better term) product. It’s far from ‘deep cleansing’ and I never noticed any difference in my skin. There are far better alternatives out there from the same lower price range that will actually work better on your skin! 

I also talked about the Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep in my Diasappointing Products post, and I still feel a little guilty about including it because it did actually do what it’s supposed to. It’s a gel you apply after brushing your teeth, ideally overnight, and within 3 months you have noticeably whiter teeth. This definitely was the case, but my teeth were so sensitive because of it that it ruined the experience for me. 

I also decided to finally get rid of my Boss Orange Sunset perfume bottle. Does anyone else forget to throw out old perfume bottles? I flit between this and the original Boss Orange every other summer, and I always have one in my stash because I adore the scent so much. It’s got sandalwood and vanilla and some citrus, and it’s just really different and wearable. 

I finally came to the end of my beloved Soap and Glory Solar Powder Bronzer, and this honestly lasted me for well over a year and a half! This is such a nice everyday bronzer that I found warmed up my face really evenly. There’s a lighter shade, a darker shade, and when this is brand new there’s a slightly annoying spray over in the middle that disappears eventually! It does wear away really weirdly – the lighter half broke down a lot quicker, and the darker half took forever to start wearing away, but if you angle your brush differently each time you’ll get the best colour payoff. If you can get hold of it and you want to try it I’d really recommend it – it’s worth the money! 

I got through another Natural Collection blusher in Peach Melba. I say another – I’ve only ever used up 2, but I never finish blusher so this is exciting! This is the nicest soft pinky peach blush I’ve come across that suits my skin tone and it’s only £1.99! I’ve heard mixed things about their cream blushes but their powder blushes are amazing – they’re nicely pigmented, wear nicely and last on the skin really well, so pick one up if you’ve never tried them beforehand! 

I must have been on some kind of a roll in June because the final make-up product I finished was an eyeshadow! I’ve had this Fairylight Solo eyeshadow from Pixi in Champagne Glow for years, and I hit pan about a year ago. It’s a gorgeous shimmery colour that I used to use all over the lid, but more recently have been using as a cheek highlight. The formula of these is amazing – they’re creamy and buttery and are so pigmented, but you will need a primer, because without one they crease so badly!

And finally I finished my little mini Pink Grapefruit fragrance from The Body Shop. I hated this at first, then I fell in love with the after smell, got addicted and finished the bottle. I have to admit that I’m really fickle with The Body Shop scents because I always have a few on the go, so I don’t know when I’ll repurchase this, but I did really like it and I would recommend it. 

I hope you guys liked this new format – let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions or requests! 

642 Things To Draw – The Northern Lights

Part 46: Number 297

Ok the tree in the middle is off and the shrubbery is more like huge blades of freakishly tall grass, but I was more focussed on the colours and I think they came off quite well. What do you guys think? 

Also, for anyone following my 30 Day Disney Drawing Challenge on Insta, I ran into some annoying technical issues, but everything will be back to normal from today🙂 The link is always at the top of this page!